Other than the regular idea of just sticking the TV over the fireplace; designers have come up with multiple creative solutions to solve that age old problem.

For  years our best idea was to put them in giant armories. That worked but sometimes they had to be custom built to accommodate the TV depth.

Then along came flat screen TV’s. YEA!!!

Here’s one of my designs that features a mirrored front TV that is actually attached over the TV instead of its usual glass. It is offered by Samsung and quality frames can be selected to finish off the mirror.



Then we have all the options for just plain covering the TV up. Here are a few of my favorites.



These panels just open on hinges.




This Loggia TV cover is on hinges also.


These panels slide apart.






How about this really creative swivel idea. The TV just moves out and over the shelves.








Something that has become very popular is the lift. It can be put anywhere there is room for the TV to go down into. Here it is in a kitchen counter.

Use the lift in a piece of furniture.


How about this idea? This TV is totally hidden and does not interfere with anything even the view.




















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